BA, MBA and Phd.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Course Summary

Bilston College is proud to announce the commencement of the academic cooperation with the University of Information Technology and Management, Poland.

The initial pilar is the academic cooperation in studies leading to DBA, MBA and BA in Real Estate Management.

Biston College is engaged in a long-term process of continual improvement in an effort to provide the highest quality programs to its Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Candidates.

Brief Description:
To succeed in business, you need more than just business skills. An
M.B.A. is specially designed for people who are interested in gaining
management skills within a business environment. The MBA program
offers more than a degree. It’s an investment that will change the way
you think, manage and do business.

The MBA program cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability
to manage change and foster innovation. Built into each course are
hands-on projects that develop the business skills needed in today’s
highly volatile international business environment—whether you’re
managing a business unit or your own company.

M.B.A.degrees are suited for students who have already worked in a
business-related or management field for 5-10 years, and are
interested in taking their knowledge up a notch.

Through an M.B.A. programme, you can also specialise in managing
different fields, such as: international business, human resources,
healthcare, finance, marketing, technology, and more.

Having an M.B.A. is highly valuable in the job market these days, and
you can expect promising careers in: finance, public administration,
accounting, consulting, retail management, international marketing,
policy advising


Areas Covered

•       Strategic Resource Management
•       Personal leadership and management development
•       International marketing strategy
•       Developing organizational vision and strategic direction
•       Research for senior managers
•       Organizational behavior
•       Managing finance in the public sector
•       Human resources management
•       Global business strategy
•       Program leadership
•       Dissertation

Course Duration

One year full time

More Information, Fees and How to Apply

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