BA, MBA and Phd.


BA in Real Estate Management

Course Summary

Bilston College is proud to announce the commencement of the academic cooperation with the University of Information Technology and Management, Poland.

The initial pilar is the academic cooperation in studies leading to DBA, MBA and BA in Real Estate Management.

Biston College is engaged in a long-term process of continual improvement in an effort to provide the highest quality programs to its Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Candidates.

Course brief:

Real estate management teaches students effective ways to manage,
administer and sell property owned by another party or entity.
Professionals may handle all aspects related to a property, from
finding potential buyers, maintaining house integrity, or making sure
tenants respect their contractual obligations. Managed properties
include residential and vacation properties, commercial retail space
or industrial warehouse space. Real estate and property management
integrates theories from other disciplines like: accounting, finance,
business administration and strategic management.

In real estate management, the property manager has four major areas
of responsibility:
    Marketing and Financial
    Tenant and Occupancy
    Administration & Risk Management

The property manager is the owner's partner in maximizing the return
on investment of the property through the efficient performance of
these four functional areas of responsibility. The property management
company acts in the best interests of the owner to maintain the
property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect rents, budget
improvements and maintain records.

Many real estate professionals have looked at property management and
changed their minds when the scope of the management tasks and
record-keeping are fully understood. It's definitely a niche for the
more detailed and responsive in the profession.


Areas Covered

•       Cost Accounting and Management.
•       Advanced Corporate Strategy.
•       Business Planning.
•       Business Research Methods.
•       Marketing Real Estate.
•       Real Estate Economics.The Business of Construction.
•       Business Communication.
•       Real Estate Finance.
•       Real Estate Appraisal.
•       Real Estate Investment Analysis.
•       Income Appraisal.
•       Residential Property Analysis.
•       Commercial Property Analysis.
•       Macroeconomics in Real Estate
•       Capital Markets and Real Estate.
•       Financial Accounting.
•       Management Information Systems.
•       Organizational Behavior.
•       Human Resource Management.
•       Commercial Law.
•       International Business.
•       Business Ethics
•       Dissertation.

Course Duration

3 years full time

How to Apply and Fees

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