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Level 3- Certificate Business Management Studies

Course Summary

The aim is to provide high-quality learning opportunities through a flexible qualification at level 3 that prepare learners for employability and/or progression to more in depth study at this level or to higher level study. The objective is to introduce theoretical concepts relating to business management studies which can be examined externally and which focus on the breadth and depth of managing modern business environments.

Course Level: 3

Entry Requirments

Earners must fulfill the following criteria to be permitted entry onto the course:
– Level 2 in Business or equivalent qualification or relevant substantial work experience; and
– This qualification is appropriate for learners that


Learners are required to develop an assignment for each unit. Assignments are an important part of learners’ work at the Centre. There are strict rules about:-
– plagiarism – using another person’s words out of a book/ journal article/ conversation/ lecture without formally acknowledging it,
– referencing – how to reference and refer to another person’s work in your written work so you avoid plagiarism,
– word length of essays and reports,
– Presentation and style of a report, including the style of language used, and
– Learners are required to sign a declaration of authentication to confirm that the work is their own and that any assistance given and/or sources used have been acknowledged.
– All learning outcomes must be assessed using assignment appropriate to the assessment of knowledge, understanding and skills.
– There must be valid, sufficient, and authentic evidence of all the assessment criteria.

Intended Course Learning Outcomes:

This Course will help the learner to develop skills in Managing Business Operations, Maximizing Resources to Achieve Business Success, the business Environment, and Managing People in Organizations

How to Apply and Fees

To apply for this course please visit

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